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Blimey Charlie! comes from the expression ‘Cor blimey!’…


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Blimey Charlie


Photography by Nikki Parlane

Blimey Charlie comes from the expression ‘Cor Blimey!’ / ‘God blind me!’ – but for me it comes from my Grandad Col, who had the silliest expressions I’ve ever heard and to this day is why I call everyone I’m close to ‘sausage.’


I love the way the exclamation is baked in and you can’t help but smile a little when you say it – Blimey Charlie, that’s a glorious can of kombucha!


You get it. I started Blimey Charlie to get real specific – this is a space for brands and budding businesses, magazines and creatives, musos and surfers, jam makers and jewellery designers, fashion labels and Jo next door –  who want artistic and emotive imagery to help communicate a brand story, a vibe or a cause.


I take a style based approach so if you vibe with my work we’ll be a great fit.


I’m Nikki, by the way, and I’m stoked to have finally and officially introduced you to Blimey Charlie!


Check out my work to see what I can do for you.


N x